Big Bend Ranch State Park

Huge mountains tower over a vast desert expanse. Rushing water carves massive canyons out of solid stone.

Big Bend Ranch is one of the largest and least visited Texas parks. In 1988, the state of Texas purchased 216,000 acres of spectacular Chihuahuan Desert. Later purchases brought the total to 287,000 (roughly 450 square miles), an enormous amount of land, doubling the size of the Texas State Park system.

Access to the public was slow at first, but now there are many  trails to explore and camping areas to take advantage of.

One of the most scenic drives in Texas, Hwy 170, takes you right into the heart of this incredible land. Driving down this road is like traveling back through time, to a place where ancient volcanoes once erupted, creating extraordinary landscapes and breathtaking vistas.

The "Solitario", a huge collapsed caldera made of molten rock, is one of many rare and interesting features of the park.

One of the easiest ways of seeing the park is to hire experienced guide to drive you to the most exciting places, in comfort .


River Flow

River View

River Rapids






Mountain Layers


Star Trails


Star Trails and Meteors

Video of Texas

Big Bend National Park

Texas Explorer Productions
Photography be George Hosek

Time lapse of clouds and shadows moving across Castolon Peak in Big Bend National Park. Set to music.

This peak was created millions of years ago when an ancient volcano erupted. The entire landscape around Castolon looks like another planet.

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