The Fred Hartman Bridge is truly a magnificent engineering accomplishment, not to mention a beautiful visual structure. It gracefully carries commuters from the city of La Port to the city of Baytown.

Two sets of steel-reinforced diamonds carry two separate bridge decks of Texas 146 to a height of 178 feet, keeping them away from the traffic of the busy seaport. The towers are each 440 feet tall, and the bridge itself is 1,250 feet long.

Religiously guarded day and night by the US Coast Guard and the local police force, stopping on or near the bridge will result in a quick response and possible fine.



Built: 1986-1995
Also known as: Texas 146 Bridge
Designed by: District 12 of the Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation
Owner: Texas Department of Transportation
Original Design: Greiner and Leonhardt, Andra Und Partner
Subcontractor: Holger S. Svensson, DRC
Consultant:  Robert H. Scanlan
Cost: US$117,500,000.00
Maximum Height: 440 feet
Maximum Length: 1,250 feet
Type: Cable-stayed Bridge, fan arrangement
Location: Texas 146 between Baytown and La Porte
Crosses: Houston Ship Channel
Carries: Texas State Road 146


Cables: Polymer-wrapped twisted steel wire bundles.
Pylons: Reinforced Concrete
Deck of Main Bridge: Reinforced Concrete
Deck of Approches: Pre-cast Pre-stressed Concrete


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