Lodging Big Bend, Texas

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Welcome to Texas Explorer's Big Bend lodging, RV and river rafting, travel and information webpage. The source for Big Bend phone numbers, addresses, links and pictures. Also, back country and off road adventure trips with some of Big Bends leading river and back country tour Guides.

Adobe Rose Inn -  Marathon – 432 386 4564
The Adobe Rose Inn occupies a restored 100-year-old adobe house which includes a cellar added in anticipation of the Pancho Villa raids. The Inn is ready to welcome guests in four gracious rooms, each with private bath.

Big Bend Motor Inn - Study Butte, 800-848-2363, 432-371-2218
Restaurant, R.V. Hookups, Tent Camping, Groceries, Showers/Laundry, Gas, Rooms, Cabins, Pool, Gift Shop, T.V., Phone, Kitchenettes

Chisos Mining Company - Study Butte, 432-371-2254, 866-646-0388
Rooms, Cabins, Gift Shop, T.V., Kitchenettes

Chisos Mountain Lodge - 432-477-2291
Restaurant, Groceries, Rooms, Cabins, Gift Shop


Captain Shepards Inn – Marathon - (800) 550-0503
Is located on Avenue D one block north of U.S. Highway 90. The 18-inch-thick adobe walls and the extra distance from the railroad provide a peaceful atmosphere for inn guests.

Eve's Garden Organic Bed & Breakfast and Ecology Resource Center. Box 323 · N 3rd St and Ave C · 79842 · (432) 386-4165

Gage Hotel -101 Highway 90 West · Marathon, Texas 79842, 432-386-4205, 1-800-884-GAGE


Lajitas Resort - Lajitas, 877-525-4827
Restaurant, Bar, R.V. Hookups, Tent Camping, Groceries, Showers/Laundry, Rooms, Cabins,
Pool, Golf, Gift Shop, T.V., Phone, Kitchenettes

Longhorn Motel - Highway 118 S. 432-371-2541
Restaurant, Tent Camping, Rooms, Pool

Marathon Motel - Marathon, 432-386-4241
R.V. Hookups, Rooms, Cabins, T.V., Kitchenettes

Terlingua Ranch Resorts - Terlingua Ranch Headquarters, 432-371-2416
Restaurant, R.V. Hookups, Tent Camping, Showers/Laundry, Rooms, Cabins, Pool, Gift Shop


Ten Bits Ranch -  The Ranch property includes rugged, desert badlands as well as a local “Garden of the Gods” which mirrors its more famous Colorado cousin. Contact Jennifer & Steve Wick, 866-371-3110

Wildhorse Station - Highway 118 S., 432-371-2526
Cabins, T.V., Kitchenettes

Camping and R.V.s

La Kiva Restaurant & Bar - Terlingua - 432-371-2250

Big Foot R.V. Park - Terlingua,  432-371-2518
R.V. Hookups 

BJ's R.V. Park - Terlingua, 432-371-2259
R.V. Hookups, Shower/Laundry

The Ranch R.V. Park - Marathon, 432-386-4511
R.V. Hookups, Tent Camping, Showers/Laundry

Stillwell R.V. Park and Museum - FM 2627, 432.376.2244
R.V. Hookups, Tent Camping, Groceries, Showers/Laundry, Gas

Study Butte R.V. Park - Study Butte, 432-371-2468
R.V. Hookups, Groceries

Rio Grande Village R.V. - Big Bend National Park, 432-477-2291
R.V. Hookups, Groceries, Showers/Laundry


A lone hiker enjoys the early morning view from the Mule Ears Trail in Big Bend National Park, Texas.

Big Bend National Park

Visit Big Bend

National Park Service

Texas Parks and Wildlife Big Bend

Alpine, Texas

Lajitas, Texas

Marathon, Texas


Outdoor Recreation Services

Big Bend Birding Expeditions - Teringua Ranch 888-531-2223
Step-on Interpretive Guides, Bird Watching

Big Bend River Tours - Lajitis, 800-545-4240
Guided Rafting, Guided Canoeing, Back Road Tours, Remote Catering

Big Bend Shuttle Service - Terlingua, 800-729-2860
Vehicle Shuttle Service

Desert Sports - Terlingua, 888-989-6900
Guided Rafting, Guided Canoeing, Guided Mountain Biking, River Gear Rental, Vehicle Shuttle Service
Remote Catering

Far Flung Adventures - Terlingua, 800-359-4138
Guided Rafting, Guided Canoeing, Guided Horseback, Step-on Interpretive Guide, Remote Catering

Lajitas Stables - Lajitis, 888-508-7667
Guided Horseback

Rio Grande Adventures - Highway 118 S., 800-343-1640
River Gear Rental, Vehicle Shuttle Service

San Carlos Expeditions and Shuttles - Lajitis, 432-424-3221
Backroad Tours

Scott Expeditions and Shuttles - Marathon, 800-613-5041
River Gear Rental, Vehicle Shuttle Service

Spring Creek Ranch - Highway 385, 432-364-2260
Guided Horseback

Texas River & Jeep Expeditions - Study Butte, 800-839-7238
Guided Rafting, Backroad Tours, Remote Catering

Visitor Centers and Ranger Stations

Castolon Ranger Station.....432-477-2225

Chisos Basin Visitor Center.....432-477-2264

Chisos Basin Ranger Station.....432-477-2392
Panther Junction Visitor Center.....432-477-1158

Persimmon Gap Visitor Center.....432-477-2393

Rio Grande Village Visitor Center.....432-477-2271

Rio Grande Village Ranger Station.....432-477-2356

Sauceda Ranch at Big Bend State Park

This working ranch offers visitors a place to sit back and enjoy the back country of the state park in comfort. You can make reservations to stay at the "Big House", or reserve one of the bunks at the larger ranch quarters. Either way Sauceda is a welcome refuge from the hostile ( but beautiful )  environment of the desert.





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