Lake Jackson, Texas

Article by Ted Gresham
Photography by George Hosek

Lake Jackson could have been just another company town with row houses along drab streets. Architect and builder Alden B. Dow’s vision, however, was of something much different.

From the astonishing architecture of its original buildings to whimsical street names like This Way, That Way, and Circle Way, Dow’s Texas legacy is not at all ordinary.

The first stop in Lake Jackson must be the Lake Jackson Historical Museum. The Museum is on Circle Way, Just off Oak a few blocks from 288.

The museum tells the story of Texas: settlements, war, plantations, slavery, agriculture. It also tells an entirely different story: the story of Lake Jackson. In the 1930’s Dow Chemical turned a spade and built an industry.

Industry needs labor. Labor needs housing. Dow bought a 3000-acre plantation from Abner Jackson for use as a town sight. The town was named Lake Jackson.


The story of Lake Jackson is the story of a company town that outgrew its company and became an important city in its own right. Vision, planning, and hard work made the difference.

The town reflects Alden B. Dow’s belief in the importance and uniqueness of every individual. Lake Jackson isn’t just a town where families live. It’s a true family town.

Brazosport College is an example of Lake Jackson’s community spirit. Two thousand full time students study a wide diversity of subjects on the beautiful campus southwest of Lake Jackson on College Boulevard.

The college also provides classes and programs for all ages from children to senior citizens. The college, like the city, takes pride in its community.

Citizens appreciate their state’s magnificent geographic diversity. The Museum of Natural Science located on the Brazosport College campus provides another opportunity for the college and community to spend time together. This museum celebrates coastal Texas’ natural history and geography.

Sea Center Texas complements and expands the college museum’s theme. Operated by Texas Parks and Wildlife, the center is an education and entertainment facility with a very important mission. Families love the massive aquarium, touch tank and fishing pond.

Marine biologists and fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the role the center plays in the study and preservation of Texas aquatic wildlife and the center’s very important hatcheries.

The Lake Jackson Historical Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Sea Center on Medical Drive are all excellent reasons to make Lake Jackson a destination. They’re only a beginning.

Lake Jackson has two major motels: Comfort Suites and Super 8. A Swiss hotel named Cherotel offers class accommodations. Shopping, food and entertainment in abundance is located in and around Brazos Mall.


Visitors shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to taste some local cuisine. The Soda Shop Café on Plantation Drive and Café Annice, 24 Circle Way, offer dining as unique as the city itself.

Lake Jackson is an extraordinary city. It has won awards for its beautification efforts. City streets are clean and safe.

Crime rates in Lake Jackson are lower than average. Housing values continue to increase. Old towns in Texas struggle to keep progress from overwhelming their history.


Lake Jackson, however, is a city born of progress with a distinctive vision moving steadily onward, away from the stereotypical company town and towards an exceptional example of what planning and foresight can do.

Down This Way and That Way the builders of Lake Jackson did things the right way. Lake Jackson is certainly a gateway; from Houston to Surfside down the way. But don’t pass it up.

No way! Stop. Stay! Lake Jackson, the City of Enchantment, is the place to live, work, and play.



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