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Bolivar is a great place to fish! Whether you prefer wade fishing, pier fishing, jetty fishing, kayak fishing or fishing from a boat, Bolivar is the place to be. Miles of open beach make surf fishing among the most popular, the "pocket" on the east side of the North jetty is well known, some summer weekend mornings it can be crowed, so the best spots go to the fishermen who are willing to catch the 5:00am ferry instead of the 5:30 ferry, in any case there is usually room for everyone.

There are also many places ( such as the one above, near the Bolivar Lighthouse)  that are less known and can be very productive. One of the best ways to find that secluded spot is to use a kayak, over the past few years many fishermen have discovered that fishing from a kayak is one of the best methods to gain access to places that the shore bound angler or even someone with a large boat cannot.

But whatever fishing method you use, Bolivar is simply outstanding!

Story and photo by George Hosek

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