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Dallas ISD
Public School Information
3700 Ross Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204

Home to 219 campuses, the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) is one of the largest in Texas and the 12th largest in the U.S., including 265 facilities representing more than $1.2 billion.

Despite the challenges facing such a large district,  DISD continually seeks out strategies to ensure the success of its students. Their mission is to prepare all students to graduate with the knowledge and skills to become productive and responsible citizens.

The DISD’s commitment to student success and a progressive learning environment is reflected in a challenging core curriculum and special programs, such as career education, character education, Advanced Placement, talented and gifted, science and engineering, fine arts, and multilingual and multicultural enrichment.

Our key demographic information includes:
1. The district serves a 351-square-mile area and 11 municipalities.
2. Almost 70 different languages are spoken in the homes of our students.
3. About 161,000 students are enrolled for the 2003-2004 school year.


About 6,700 students graduated from 29 high schools in 2004. Many now attend some of the country's best universities, colleges, and military academies.

Almost $57 million in college scholarships was awarded to the Class of 2004.

Student performance on the 2004 TAKS was strong with solid gains over 2003 on all tests: 76 percent of all student groups passed the reading section, up by 11 percent; 66 percent passed mathematics, an increase of 11 percent; 84 percent passed writing, up by 16 percent; 60 percent passed science, a 16 percent increase; and 86 percent passed social studies, up by 8 percent.

Eighty-one percent of all third-graders passed the TAKS in 2004, a 15.1 percent increase over 2003.

According to the Texas Education Agency, 16 DISD schools were rated exemplary in 2004; the number of recognized schools increased from 40 in 2003 to 55 in 2004.


Pearl C. Anderson
Learning Center
3400 Garden Lane, 75215

(972) 925-7900

William H. Atwell
Middle School and Fundamental Academy
1303 Reynoldston Lane, 75232
(972) 794-6400

T. W. Browne
Middle School
3333 Sprague, 75233
(972) 502-2500

Edward H. Cary
Middle School
3978 Killion Drive, 75229
(972) 502-7600

E. B. Comstock
Middle School
7044 Hodde, 75217
(972) 794-1300

George B. Dealey
Montessori Academy
6501 Royal Lane, 75230
(972) 794-8400

Thomas A. Edison
Learning Center
2940 Singleton Blvd., 75212
(972) 794-4100

Fred F. Florence
Middle School
1625 N. Masters Drive, 75217
(972) 749-6000

Benjamin Franklin
Middle School
6920 Meadow Road, 75230
(972) 502-7100

W. H. Gaston
Middle School
9565 Mercer, 75228
(972) 502-5400

W. E. Greiner
Middle School and Exploratory Arts Academy
501 South Edgefield Avenue, 75208
(972) 925-7100

Robert T. Hill
Middle School
505 Easton Rd., 75218
(972) 502-5700

Oliver Wendell Holmes
Middle School and Classical Academy
2001 E. Kiest Blvd., 75216
(972) 925-8500

John B. Hood
Middle School
7625 Hume Drive, 75227
(972) 749-4100

D. A. Hulcy
Middle School
9339 South Polk Street, 75232
(214) 932-7400

J. L. Long
Middle School
6116 Reiger Avenue, 75214
(972) 502-4700

 Thomas C. Marsh
Middle School
3838 Crown Shore Drive, 75244
(972) 502-6600

Raúl Quintanilla
Middle School
2700 Remond, 75211
(972) 502-3200

Thomas J. Rusk
Middle School
2929 Inwood, 75235
(972) 925-2000

Middle School
950 Woody Road, 75253
(972) 892-7100

Alex W. Spence
Middle School and Talented and Gifted Academy
4001 Capitol, 75204
(972) 925-2300

L. V. Stockard
Middle School
2300 S. Ravinia Drive, 75211
(972) 794-5700

Harry Stone
Montessori School
4747 Veterans Drive, 75216
(972) 794-3400

Boude Storey
Middle School
3000 Maryland Avenue, 75216
(972) 925-8700

WIlliam B. Travis
Academy/Vanguard for the Academically Talented and Gifted
3001 McKinney, 75204
(972) 794-7500

Sarah Zumwalt
Middle School
2445 E. Ledbetter Dr., 75216
(972) 749-3600

Bryan Adams
High School
2101 Millmar Drive, 75228
(972) 502-4900

W. H. Adamson
High School
201 East Ninth Street, 75203
(972) 749-1400

David W. Carter
High School
1819 W. Wheatland Rd., 75232
(214) 932-5700

High School
9924 Hillcrest Road, 75230
(972) 502-6800

Thomas Jefferson
High School
4001 Walnut Hill Lane, 75229
(972) 502-7300

Justin F. Kimball
High School
3606 S. Westmoreland,75233
(972) 502-2100

High School
2826 Hatcher Street, 75215
(972) 925-7600

Henry W. Longfellow
Career Exploration Academy
5314 Boaz Street, 75209
(972) 749-5400

James Madison
High School
3000 Martin L. King Jr. Blvd., 75215
(972) 925-2800

Middle College
High School (El Centro College)
Main and Lamar Streets, 75202
(214) 860-2356

Moisés E. Molina
High School
2355 Duncanville Road, 75211
(972) 502-1000

North Dallas
High School
3120 North Haskell Ave., 75204
(972) 925-1500

L. G. Pinkston
High School
2200 Dennison St., 75212
(972) 502-2700

Franklin D. Roosevelt
High School
525 Bonnie View Road, 75203
(972) 925-6800

W. W. Samuell
High School
8928 Palisade Drive, 75217
(972) 892-5100

High School
15920 Old Seagoville Rd., Seagoville 75253 (972) 892-5900

High School and Career Development Center
7777 Forney Road, 75227
(972) 502-3400

A. Maceo Smith
High School
3030 Stag Road, 75241
(214) 932-7600

South Oak Cliff
High School
3601 South Marsalis, 75216
(214) 932-7000

H. Grady Spruce
High School
9733 Old Seagoville Road, 75217
(972) 892-5500

High School
2120 W. Jefferson Ave., 75208
(972) 502-1500

W. T. White
High School
4505 Ridgeside Dr., 75244
(972) 502-6200

Woodrow Wilson
High School
100 South Glasgow Dr., 75214
(972) 502-4400






Riding the Bus Safety Tips

1. Have a safe place to wait for your bus, away from traffic and the street.

2. Stay away from the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the driver signals you to enter.

3. When being dropped off, exit the bus and walk ten giant steps away from the bus. Keep a safe distance between you and the bus. Also, remember that the bus driver can see you best when you are back away from the bus.

4. Use the handrail to enter and exit the bus.

5. Stay away from the bus until the driver gives his/her signal that it's okay to approach.

6. Be aware of the street traffic around you. Drivers are required to follow certain rules of the road concerning buses, however, not all do. Protect yourself and watch out!

Walking and Biking to School

1. Mind all traffic signals and/or the crossing guard - never cross the street against a light, even if you don't see any traffic.

2. Walk your bike through intersections.

3. Walk with a buddy.

4. Wear reflective material, it makes you more visible to street traffic.

Riding in a Car

1. You might have heard before that most traffic crashes occur close to home, they do.

2. Safety belts are the best form of protection passengers have in the event of a crash.

3. You are four times more likely to be seriously injured or killed if ejected from the vehicle in a crash.

Everyone needs to be buckled up properly. That means older kids in seat belts, younger kids in booster seats and little kids in child safety seats.

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